Haiku Challenge for Aug. 3: ‘Glitch’

I was wondering when they’d drop the latest prompt. Anyhow, here’s the prompt for today’s Haiku Challenge:

My style is the five/seven/five syllable structure. As you’ll see, I took some liberty by using the plural version of the word. Here are my 10 haiku poems:

He wasn’t a glitch —
as that implies it’s sudden.
This was his normal.

She became his new glitch,
a disruption of normal,
a new beginning.

There are no glitches
in nature because that’s the
chaos of all things.

When the bee glitches
and uses its barbed stinger,
it becomes fatal.

With body glitches,
we get treatment, but with brain
glitches, just stigma.

He wished he could just
rewrite the code of his brain
glitch, but it was set.

The bomb maker’s glitch
results in a lost digit,
but purpose achieved.

A glitch in the ink,
a word misinterpreted,
all the meaning changed.

The writer glitches;
character is born anew —
story has new life.

Their relationship
glitched; they couldn’t overcome.
Severed at the glitch.

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