Showing off My Neat Bookends

I say it a lot, but this time, I’m going to actually be brief. WordPress tends to have a lot of the same people who start blogs: writers and book lovers (not mutually exclusive, obviously). As such, I figured you fellow writers and/or book lovers would appreciate my nifty bookends!

The last time I checked, I have nearly 800 books across four bookshelves. One of those book shelves is not a traditional one, but rather, one built into my closet, so it doesn’t need any bookends loving. The other two are also traditional enclosed bookshelves, so also don’t need bookends.

But my biggest bookshelf? It has wide open ends, so it definitely needs bookends. In fact, I need eight bookends to keep books from tumbling off the side into the carpet void. Fortunately, I have these neat fellas helping me out:

I actually haven’t made use of the white hand ones yet because I have traditional bookends, like the ones you see at the public library, holding up most of them, but I love having unique bookend choices!

And I would take a photo of the bookshelf in question, but uh, let’s just say, I also use the extra space to store other items, and I don’t feel like cleaning it off and making it presentable for a photo just yet. So, here’s an older photo of that same bookshelf:

But see, when I had it positioned like that, obviously the wall is a natural bookend for the left side. However, I currently have it positioned in the center of the wall, so each side is wide open.

For the record, I love that bookshelf, too! It looks great; I like the wood look, and obviously, it holds a crapton of books, which is what I need! I believe my mother years ago found it at a yard sale, and whelp, here it is.

Do you have any nifty bookends? What does your “library” setup look like? And oh my, if you comment with a photo of a Kindle on a table, I will cry and rip out my heart. I kid, but seriously, I disdain the Kindle! Never! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!

(P.S.: I made it under 400 words, a record I think. I kept to my, uh, word on brevity.)

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