TV Review: My Bones to Pick With Bones

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the show.

My people!

The last time I talked about Bones I was just getting going on the second season. Welp, I’m up to the seventh season now, and I have a few bones to pick with … Bones.

First and most importantly, the show has been teasing us for six seasons about Bones and Booth — will they or won’t they get together? So many teases. We, as an audience, know Booth loves Bones and we know Bones loves Booth, but they never quite get there. Then, in episode 16 of Season 5, “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole,” Booth takes his shot and kisses Bones, but for some dang reason, she rejects him! It didn’t make any sense to me why she rejected him. My presumption was she’s insecure about giving into those feelings because of her analytical mind and such.

Therefore, by the time the sixth season rolls around, the show throws us for a loop by having Booth fall in love with Hannah, a journalist he met while doing a short tour in Afghanistan. That killed me. I didn’t mind the Hannah character, but it was hard to see the show lose its teasing of the Booth and Bones relationship and to have Bones set up as the “third wheel.” However, it did lead to two great moments: 1.) A nearly shocking to see moment in episode nine of Season 6, “The Doctor in the Photo,” when Bones actually shows emotion and confesses that she loves Booth and is distraught at missing her moment with him because he’s with Hannah now; and 2.) After Booth proposes to Hannah and she rejects him, Booth gives one of the best monologues of the entire show to Bones at a bar about how he’s mad that everyone keeps rejecting him. It was great.

Then something happens toward the end of Season 6, which I will gripe about in a second, that leads Bones into the arms of Booth so he can console her. Later, Bones just nonchalantly tells Angela that she and Booth had sex. Then later, we learn that she’s pregnant by Booth. Then at the start of Season 7, Bones is showing her pregnant stomach and practically living with Booth as a couple.

WHAT?! They tease us for six seasons about whether Booth and Bones will get together, tease us with misfires of each one confessing their love to no avail, toss in Hannah as a red herring, and then when the moment finally happens, it happens off screen?! I’m not saying they needed to show the two having sex. It is network television after all. But a kiss! A kiss and an acknowledgement of

You can hear this GIF.

… would have been nice! The show earned that moment and fans following along all this time, like me, even through binging, deserved that moment. And we didn’t get it. And worse, they then sped up to the moment where they are just an established couple about to have a baby? Holy cow. Come on! I get that in real life, Emily Deschanel, who plays Bones, was going to have a child, so they likely wrote that into the script and that sped up their timeline, but we still could have gotten that acknowledgement moment. Gah. That disappointed me, as much as I wanted to see them finally get together.

Now, the other bone I have to pick that directly correlates to all of this since it was the facilitating factor is that in episode 22 of Season 6, “The Hole in the Heart,” they kill off the fun trivia fact-giving British intern, Vincent, thanks to Jacob Broadsky (an old rival of Booth’s who is an expert marksman). It was heartbreaking! The poor guy was shot in the chest (and I just now got the significance of the episode’s title) and was pleading to Bones or God or the universe, “Don’t make me leave! Don’t make me leave!” I get goosebumps even typing that out and reliving that moment. I was in tears! Gut-wrenching. I didn’t know who Broadsky was going to shoot and it shocked me that it was Vincent. And as I teased, it’s that incident that leads Bones into Booth’s arms and to the baby.

On a more positive note, perhaps the best episode of the entire show so far was episode 21 of Season 4, “The Double Death of the Dearly Departed.” I was in tears throughout that episode, but for a different reason: laughing hysterically. It was the best of dark comedy. The premise is that Booth, Bones and the others are attending a co-workers funeral when they realize that he was murdered. To properly investigate, they take the body back to the Jeffersonian Institute, so there’s a scene where Bones and Booth are wrangling the dead body around the backyard with Hodgins trying to distract the funeral goers. The entire episode is hilarious and everything I love about the show.

I’m in love with this show and my “bones to pick” aside, it’s still keeping me binging.

The guy in the middle is the dead guy, lmao.

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