Food Review: Post Oreo O’s Cereal

Also, marketing-wise, anything in blue is going to catch my attention. Blue is a powerful color to me, at least.

Honestly, at this point, if Post or Kellogg’s or General Mills made a toilet paper cereal with cute little rolls of cinnamon toilet paper that came with a toy plunger (or better yet, a candy plunger!), I’d probably try it out. Because why not?! I love cereal and I love the gimmick cereals. Give me all the gimmicks.

The latest gimmick cereal I saw was a no-brainer: Post Oreo O’s cereal. Before I continue, I’m having a brain exploding emoji moment: Oreo is just … Oreo. There’s no “s” or apostrophe “s” with Oreo?! Huh?! I always thought they were “Oreos” or “Oreo’s.” I mean, nobody says, “I’m going to eat an Oreo,” though, right? Because everyone, and I mean everyone, eats more than one Oreo in one sitting, right? So, they would say, “I’m going to eat some Oreos.” I think I’m still good! I can reassemble my brain.


Anyhow, there’s an interesting aspect of this cereal, though. It’s Oreo O’s cereal, so we have the “o’s” similar to an “o” for, say, Cheerios or Froot Loops, consisting of the taste of the chocolate wafers you’d get from the Oreo sandwich cookie (I love that they call it a sandwich cookie). The “o’s” really do taste like those chocolate wafers. But! Crucially, what’s missing? The sweet crème filling! Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the chocolate wafers holding the sweet crème together. An Oreo wouldn’t make sense without them, and in fact, I would say because of the sweet crème, they’re rather underrated. But! Everyone, and I mean everyone, eats Oreo cookies because of the sweet crème, whether as one chomp or licking the crème off the wafers or however you go about it (I tend to oscillate). They couldn’t find a way to incorporate the sweet crème aspect of the Oreo into the Oreo O’s cereal?! Come on, Post!

To be fair, I don’t even know how you would incorporate the sweet crème filling. Coating the chocolate “o’s” perhaps? Heck, what if you just dropped the idea of them being “o’s” and did something more similar to Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal? That is, the shredded wheat pieces (but in this case, chocolate) covered in icing (but in this case, sweet crème)? Or do it like Kellogg’s Krave cereal where it’s a multigrain cereal shell (again, but with the chocolate wafer) and instead of filling it with chocolate, fill it with the sweet crème?

In other words, Post should copy Kellogg’s or hire me to be their creative director. Come on! So, admittedly, my evaluation of the cereal is dropped a peg by it not incorporating that delicious sweet crème. In fact, when they promise on the back of the box that “you couldn’t dream it any better,” I, in fact, can. That said, they are correct that I made my milk (and by the transitive property, myself) happy because the chocolate does make the drinking of milk afterwards quite pleasant. And if you’ve seen my milk post, I was surprised that drinking the milk didn’t bother my stomach. I don’t know if that’s because of the magical power of the O’s or something else.

Aside from the fun of artificial flavors and tastes and making me pine for an actual Oreo, one of my favorite aspects of cereal is the crunch factor. These bring the crunch factor. It’s like eating a bowl of wood chippings, but uh, safer for the mouth.

Even though I took these down a notch because they lack that sweet crème element, I highly recommend these. Out of the gimmick cereals I’ve tried, this ranks up there as one of the best pairings of cereal and something else (sorry, Jolly Rancher cereal). I mean, chocolate. You can’t mess it up.

Finally, one last thing to note is that the side of the cereal box had some interesting “fun facts” about Oreo cookies and I’m all about fun facts! Look at these:

More than 100 years of Oreo cookies.

My favorite is that it takes 59 minutes to make just one cookie. And yet, they make 40 billion of these bad boys every year! That’s a lot of time going into something that I chomp down on in two seconds … Thank you, Oreo makers!

Would you try this cereal? Or, rather, the better question is, why wouldn’t you try this cereal?

You gotta love the “o” frolicking in the milk.

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