Poem: Plastic Bag Dreams

Photo courtesy of Camila Quintero Franco via Unsplash.

This is a poem I wrote toward the end of 2020, subbed it out to a few literary magazines to rejections of course, and am now sharing on the blog. Because, why not?

I think too often of what it would be like inside a plastic bag –
like if I would notice the smell as it tightened against my nose,
or if I’d forget the receipt inside and choke on that instead, or
how I would contort my hands like a hopeless Houdini
behind my back to prevent panicked spasms in the car, and
how a liquor store bag, while convenient, is too small, and
how embarrassing it would be for the police to find me with
piss still running down my leg like one last insult from life,
and how that stupid plastic bag will take longer to decompose
than me.

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