Poem: Red Hoodie

Creative Commons photo.

This is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago now. As usual, I don’t much care to go through the submission process for literary mags, so instead, here it is on my blog. I always appreciate any feedback you, dear reader, may have.

the image i can’t get out of my head
is your sad face drowning into
the red hoodie i got you
like you knew then
that this was goodbye.

was it pity, for me? us?

we kissed like two scavengers
who discovered a torch
left burning in a cavernous

was it the morphine or love
coming back to try one more

by morning, you were gone.
for good. for all time.
answering a question then
i didn’t know i was asking.

i was left broken, hobbling,
taking tiny steps into a
future you saw before

One thought

  1. A deep sadness here. The images of the hoodie and the torch are bright spots among the sadness, maybe even serving to deepen the sadness. Yet the last stanza feels a bit hopeful, of moving forward — even little by little.

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