Food Review: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies with Spring Colors

Rice Krispies cereal. It’s a huge box! I am the family.

You know, the upsetting thing about doing a food review of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies with Spring Colors is that the name of the food I’m reviewing reveals my level of procrastination. That said, there’s still technically 11 more days of spring, so I’m in the clear, baby!

Let’s be honest. Is anyone buying Rice Krispies cereal because of the taste? The taste isn’t bad per se, but it’s also not good? It’s just … there. It’s neutral. It’s the Switzerland of cereals. It’s inoffensive. If you’re not eating your Rice Krispies cereal with a little bit of (or a lot of) sugar sprinkled on top, what are you even doing? Are you new to cereal? That, along with the milk, is what makes Rice Krispies cereal tasty.

However, the primary appeal of Rice Krispies cereal is this beautiful, lovely crackling sound, which yes, I did take a video of it for your amusement, dear reader:

Put that on a loop and inject it into my veins, please.

So, yeah, as you can already tell though from the video, the gimmick here is in the name: it’s Rice Krispies cereal with spring colors. As in, the taste isn’t different, but the aesthetic is. If you’re into that, then boom, go buy you a box if they’re still selling ’em.

Ideally, the colors game is more for if you’re actually making the treat. Heck, the box there has in a big banner plastered at the top, “Springtime Treat Making.” Yes, there’s a bowl of cereal, but below that is a plate of rice krispies treats. Kellogg’s wants you to make dessert more than anything. I think the aesthetic of the springtime colors works on that level. For a cereal, not so much, because I don’t really care what my cereal looks like. With cereal, I’m primarily focused on three things: 1.) taste, of course, 2.) crunch factor, and 3.) what does the milk taste like afterward?

As I mentioned, Rice Krispies cereal doesn’t have much in the way of taste before the sugar, but with the sugar, it’s obviously delightful. And as the video indicated, it doesn’t so much have a crunch as a crackle, which is fun. As for the milk, you get that nice sugary milk taste common to cereals.

There is a handy recipe for Rice Krispies on the side; all you need is marshmallow mix and butter to go with the cereal. Maybe I’ll give that a whirl.

In conclusion, the primary purpose for buying this cereal is if you’re going to make fun Rice Krispies with it. Otherwise, I’d probably stick with the regular, classic Rice Krispies.

This looks fun.

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