Latest Music Roundup: I Love You, Honeybear


I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and as usual, I’m lagging behind, but I’ve been listening to some really groovy shit (more figuratively speaking) lately, so let’s hop to it shall we? As usual, no particular order and I try to let the music speak for itself, as well as, I think, present somewhat varying styles. Hopefully something worth sinking your ears into:

1. Father John Misty, “Holy Shit,” “I Love You, Honeybear,” and “Bored in the USA.”

These three tracks are off of his latest album,  I Love You, Honeybear, a cool, folksy album that gets at American life in 2015, I’d say. Holy Shit in particular has some great lyrics.

2. Bahamas, “Caught Me Thinking,” and “I Got You Babe.”

Both tracks are off of their ’12 album, Barchords, which doesn’t feature a bad song, but I like these two especially.

3. Nick Mulvey, “Cucurucu,” and “April.”

Man, this guy has a cool fucking sound off of his latest album, First Mind. Just like the above two, there’s just not a bad song on the whole album. It’s all listenable.

4. James Vincent McMorrow, “We Don’t Eat.”

This track is the titular name of his EP. The Irish produce some great singers. His slightly raspy, soft voice is perfect to my ears. Beautiful song.

5. Ben Howard, “Rivers In Your Mouth.”

Off of his ’14 album, I Forget Where We Were, this reminds me somewhat of a Coldplay type of sound. Good track.

6. Josh Tillman, “Finish Those Cigarettes & Go To Bed.”

Here’s the Spotify link to this one off the album, The History of Caves. FYI, this is also Father John Misty, just under a different name. No lyrics in this one.

7. Glossary, “Trouble Won’t Last Always,”

A bit more upbeat song than I usually listen to, but it’s a nice break up. Off of their album, Long Live All of Us. 

8. The Swell Season, “Low Rising,” “I Have Loved You Wrong.”

Mhmm, yes. Off of their album, Strict Joy. Great sound. Nice voice.

9. Youth Lagoon, “The Hunt,”

Love the opening to this. A Yorke-vibe throughout, too.

10. Drive-By Truckers, “When He’s Gone,”

A bit of a harsher sound than I usually partake, but sometimes I like to delve into that.

11. Ryan Adams, “To Be Young (Is to be Sad, Is to Be High).”

Man, what a great fucking song.

12. Justin Town Earles, “Slippin’ and Slidin’.”

13. Sam Amidon, “Short Life.”

Spotify link.

14. Patrick Park, “Here We Are.”

15. Phosphorescent, “Sun, Arise! (An Invocation, An Introduction).”

Beautiful, just picked the first track of the album. Give the whole one a shot.


Honestly, I could go all day here because I wear out Spotify’s “Discover” feature and just sample a lot of different bands and musicians, but I forget and don’t save them. Anyhow, hope you found something above to enjoy and orgasm your ears.


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